Basic Tips And Tricks For The New Cook

Red-Thai-Curry-Soup-600x300Initial days in the kitchen can be quite scary for anyone. Sometimes your initial experience in cooking would decide whether you will like cooking or not. So it would always be helpful to have some essential tips and tricks that would help you out in this new role.

  • While Chopping An Onion: When you are about to chop an onion try to slice off the bottom and top off, then cut it in half along with the grain and then peel it.
  • When you have to cook a full meal or if you are entertaining guests, remember to prepare well for it. When you have finished all your prep the day before, you can relax and just cook on the D day. This is sure to work outchicken-manchurian-gobi-cauliflower-recipe-ingredients-chinese-indian-dry-gravy
  • If you have to bake, remember that if the item is small, it would be best to bake it at a higher temperature for a minimum time.
  • Herbs and Spices have to be stored away from the stove in a dark and cool place. Heat, light and humidity would take the flavors away from herbs.
  • Try to make stock in a huge quantity, then you could store in the freezer in zip locks or plastic bags. This would help you to easily make soups and pasta by just taking the bag out from the freezer.
  • If you are making an important meal, try to stick to the recipes that you are comfortable with. If it is a new recipe, make sure that you have already worked with all the ingredients in it.

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