Be An Innovative Cook : Try Cooking Game


It gets really boring to eat the same sort of food all throughout the year. The best way to overcome that monotony is by including different kinds and varieties of meat in the menu. What more can be better than game meats the cold winter and late fall?

I still remember, as a child my dad used to work in the jungle. So each time he came back, he would have wild games like wild boar or deer with him. My Mother used to cook them in a different way and style, the memory which I still fondly hold on to. Here are some cooking tips for you

  • Always remember to marinate the meat, this helps in developing a deep flavors and also makes the meat tender. Game meat should ideally be marinated and left in the refrigerator for any time from 24 hours to 4 days
  • Overcooking game meats is a big no –no. It should be avoided at any cost. Since the meat is lean, it would result in extreme dryness and spoils all the taste. The right time to take the meat from the heat is when it is pink in color and is juicy.
  • The star ingredients that could be added to game meats are ginger, black pepper and wine. This helps in providing the needed flavour as well as takes away the strong odour. You can choose the kind of wine that you would like to have. Even though many prefer to use red wine with red meat, it is totally up to each individual choice.
  • A popular way to intake game meat is by making an herbal soup of it. It has been found that some game meats have a lot of medicinal and herbal properties which works great as a medicine. This is a new area, in which a lot of study is being undertaken. It is also used commonly along with many combinations of Chinese herbs.
  • If you are completely new to cooking game, it would be better to go to a restaurant and try it first. Once you have discovered your taste for cooking game, then you can find a lot of recipes ranging from easy to complicated and start making them.


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