How to Become a Pro Cook and Ditch Your Microwave Meals

how-to-become-a-pro-cook-and-ditch-your-microwave-mealsA microwave oven is a very convenient kitchen appliance, as it is able to heat food quickly. It’s great for thawing frozen meat, among other things. However, there were studies indicating that it presents various health risks, such as the leaching of chemicals from the plastic wares used for reheating food. Although this has been debunked in microwave oven reviews, many are still choosing to let go of their microwave because they prefer to eat healthier food.┬áIf you are ready to ditch your microwave and become more of a pro in cooking, here are some things you might want to consider.

1. Make better food choices.

You can plan your meals ahead of time and choose fresh ingredients. You start to think about what you should eat or serve to your family. It you want to serve healthier meal choices, you get prepared for it.

2. Manage your time better.

Since you know that you will be preparing a meal and cooking it over a stove, you allocate enough time to have everything prepared. Like a pro, you learn to figure out how long the prep time should be and the cooking/baking time.

3. Learn to defrost meat.

You can do this ahead of time, say, the night before. You can let the meat thaw in warm water. If your schedule is tight, you can pop it in the oven toaster.

4. Prepare easy foods.

There are several foods that you can prepare easily. Use fresh ingredients from various food groups, many of which need not be cooked. Learn recipes for different salads that go with easy-to-prepare dressings. You can try preparing quesadillas, tacos and stir-fry meals with meat and plenty of fresh vegetables. There are also many healthy soup recipes on the web that you can try.

5. Put your pots and pans to good use.

Pro cooks do not depend on a microwave oven, because they have all the other convenient tools to cook and reheat food. You can use a steamer to reheat steamed rice, pasta, stir-fry and others. Use a deep pan or sauce pan to reheat leftover soups and other saucy dishes.

If you are ready to do away with microwave meals, you should have the will to learn new ways of cooking. Before you know it, you’ll discover the joy of cooking and maybe even learn shortcuts to serving better and healthier meals.

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