How to Cook Game Meat

sugar-free-glazed-christmas-ham-1634344l1Game meat is getting more and more popular among people, and is now widely available too. But most often, people do not know the method to buy them or cook them. Game meat is much leaner than the most available meat and tastes the best when slow cooked with seasonal flavors. Wild reared game meat is tender and fresh, and is only available during winter. However, the farm grown variety is great too and is available throughout the year.

When it comes to game, choosing the right kind of meat is very important. The experts in the field suggests that, it would always be better to go for prime cuts like breasts portions or loins. In some varieties, even legs are great while it is slow cooked.
The most popular varieties of game birds are goose, partridge, pheasant and grouse. The shooting season starts mostly from early October and lasts till January. If you do not like to cook games, there are plenty of shops which sell ready to cook varieties which are quite tasty. But if you love to cook your own game, try to buy plump birds, so that you will have much more tender meat to work with. Experts in the field suggests that it would be always better to buy game birds, as the whole carcasses. The head and the feet of the bird would help you determine the age and quality of the bird.
CfVgrd9XEAArqrqWhile cooking Venison, it is widely suggested to go for a leaner meat which has a dense texture and a deeper colour. An important thing to remember is, when the animal is younger the meat would be much tender and fresh. When you are buying any game animal, always try to buy it in the prime season so that the meat would be really tasty as well as much fresher. This is because, then the animal would have been on a good and natural diet. Venison is considered to be an extremely versatile meat and is used to substitute beef in a lot of cuisines and recipes.
The biggest challenge, in cooking game meat is to keep the meat moisturized. As we said, since the meat is lean, there is absolutely no fat tissues. So drying of the meat has to be curbed using other cooking techniques and skills.

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