How to handle and cook Venison

sea-food-dishesOnce you get hold of Venison, you have to completely ensure that it is well cleaned and dressed. Contamination and heat causes the venison, to deteriorate which also creates a bad odour. Make sure that all the blood and fluids that are present is taken away. It would be best to clean it using cold running water as soon as possible. This would help in taking away all the excess blood that is left on the body along with lowering the body temperature of the deer. Once this procedure is done, try to hang the meat so that it completely cools off.

It would be best, if you could remove the hide and prop open the body, so that the air would get inside the body cavity easily cooling it from the insides. If at all, you were unable to process it quickly, it would be a good idea to rub the body with lot of ice cubes. The most ideal method would be to get the body temperature below 50 degrees.
Before cooking the meat, it is important to marinate or age it. Experts suggest to wait for at least 5 days before butchering down the animal. This could be done in an easy and effective method, by just hanging in the game in a dry but cool place. This helps the animal to process the rigor mortis enabling the meat to be more tender and soft.
Sometimes, the animal may have fat cells, in that case, make sure that all of it is removed completely as the fatty tissues make way for a gamey flavour. So before cooking, cartilage, membrane and all the fat has to be trimmed off. Experts suggest that, whole meats could be stored in deep freezers for almost a year. However lean meat should be consumed within a period of six months.
Venison also tastes great with bacon, beef fat or pork fat as the meat itself is very dry. There are plenty of good recipes which tastes really great, and it can also be prepared in the same method of cooking beef or pork. However, always remember that, since it is lean never to overcook. Many people also suggest to slow cook, since it helps in adding on the needed flavours while maintaining the soft texture. Adding wine while cooking, along with intense margination are some effective tips.

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