Meat Rub Recipe For Venison

download (1)Game meats are exceptionally dry, so while cooking it you need to be extra careful to provide the necessary moisture. Also tenderizing of the meat widens the scope of recipes as well as the methods of preparations. When the meat is tenderized, even the tougher and harder cuts of meat could be effectively used just like the prime cuts. There are many methods to tenderize any meat. Such as margination or using of wine. Different people opt for different strategies.
The tough cuts in meat are called so because of their strong connective tissues and fibre in the muscles (in regard to the meat of the animal). To help it moisturize, the best way to do is to cut it into smaller pieces. An ideal and effective method is to cut the meat down to 1 inch slices, so that you get thin strips which could be used with a lot of recipes over different cuisines. This is bound to be a hit as starters for the entire family or guests to enjoy.
Another great method to tenderize meat is by rubbing it in with marinades. Marinating the meat for long hours would help in making it soft and tender. Different combinations of herbs, spices, oil and acid (wine, lemon, vinegar) could be used according to your taste and flavors palette. This adds the much required flavors to the meat and also helps in breaking down the muscle fibre and connective tissue in the meat. However before making this mix, make sure that the ingredients are taken and mixed in a non-reactive bowl and is kept in the fridge for a day.
This is a traditional recipe (easy and quick) which works best for venison as we as for lambs
Maple Syrup: 3 tablespoons
Chili powder: 1 Table spoon
Black Pepper: 1 Table spoon
Cumin: 1 Teaspoon
Coriander: ½ teaspoon grounded
Cloves: ½ teaspoon grounded
Whole garlic: 3 nos. minced
Method: Rub olive oil on the venison steaks. Take a bowl and mix together all the rub ingredients together. Then apply the above mixture into the venison liberally before grilling. Cook the meat on a high heat .

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