Top 10 Items Any Budding Chef Should Have in Their Kitchen


Every chef has some kitchen tools that they favor and need to have at all times. These are the tools that they use often, treating them as a part of their craft and loathe to be parted from, even if these are already old. For a budding chef though, there are basic tools that are very important, which they should have in their kitchen.

1. Gas Range

What’s a kitchen without a gas range, right? While convection hobs and electric ranges are very popular these days, a gas range is still the best choice for chefs. They are economical and are a little more forgiving when it comes to controlling the amount of heat. Since this will pretty much be the most used item in a chef’s kitchen, it is important go big and invest in the best gas range for the money. That way, there’s a guarantee that it won’t breakdown easily.

2. Knives

You need at least three types of knives. A chef’s knife is very important. This should be something that will be easy to handle and control, not necessarily big, but should be very sharp. It is worth investing in a good high-quality chef’s knife that will last a long time. You should have a good paring knife for slicing, coring and peeling small items. Last is a serrated knife for breads and cakes.

3. Knife honer

To keep your knives sharp all the time, you need a good quality knife honer. You should learn to use this asit is used to realign a knife’s edge to you can have control and precision when cutting. Likewise, make your expensive knives last by not cutting items on metal, porcelain or glass. Do not use your knife to cut meat that’s frozen solid. Invest in a stainless steel one or a fine-grit ceramic honer, which is ideal for a newbie.

4. Cutting board

You’ll need a good quality cutting board. Purchase a bamboo cutting board. It’s eco-friendly, sturdy, very easy to clean and is not prone to warping. There’s even one with etched measurements if you want to practice precision cutting.

5. Kitchen scissors

You need a pair of kitchen scissor for opening bags, snipping herbs, cutting poultry, sectioning grapes, cutting pizza, deveining shrimps, etc. It is a very versatile kitchen tool to have around.

6. Mixing bowls

At least a set of mixing bowls in different sizes. It is very handy for things that you need to mix or stir and very easy to clean as well. A 12-piece set is good to start with.

7. Frying pans

A stainless steel fry pan where you can cook almost anything, from stir fry to omelets. You might also opt for a cast-iron skillet that can be used on top of the stop or in the oven.

8. Wooden spoon

A wooden spoon made of solid beechwood is good to start with. It is sturdy, great for scooping and stirring and is not liable to melt at high heat. It’s easy to maintain with hand washing and regular oiling.

9. Silicone Spatula

A high-heat, medium sized silicone spatula is very handy for tempering chocolate, sautéing vegetables and scraping sauces from pans.

10. Tongs

Tongs are almost indispensable as a wooden spoon and spatula. It’s also versatile and effective for turning meat, tossing salads, flipping items being baked and so on.

There you have it. This is a list of the most basic items a budding chef will need. You can later add to this as well as learn to be versatile in using your basic tools out of their original purpose.

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